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Everything you need to know to master the Android OS!


  • Download and read anywhere on any compatible device
  • Essential Privacy and Security User Guides
  • Learn How to Customise the Android OS
  • Get the Most From Your Android Apps

This Android guidebook will take you from getting the most from the stock Android apps such as Gmail and Chrome, through solving common problems and on to learning about adding launchers and rooting your device. We will show you how to explore the OS and get more from any Android phone or tablet, whether it is four years old or the latest model.

This Print Replica PDF can be read on all desktop and mobile devices that are compatible with PDF files.

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Android The Complete Guide


Using our step-by-step guides, learn how to get started with your Android device, including sending emails, customising the Home screen and choosing widgets. Find out the best way to set up your device and the easiest way to get online. Discover how to customise the device and how to share images with friends.

From using new Android features like Allo, Duo and Google Assistant to planning a journey and making the most of every photo taken on your phone, this section is all about getting more from Android and some of the variety of apps, tools and features it offers to users prepared to explore.

Remember when you first used your new Android phone or tablet and it ran quickly and smoothly? If you have had your device for more than 6 months, it’s a fair bet that it isn’t running so well any more. Luckily, there are several simple ways to improve the performance of any Android device, particularly those running newer versions of the OS.

Our advanced and expert guides will introduce you to launchers and troubleshooting, show you how to access advanced developer options, monitor your system for problems and change the type of light your screen emits. Android is about so much more than email and browsing the Internet and this section will help to show you exactly that.

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