Advanced Guide to Android Vol 21


Discover how to enhance and customise your Android user experience!

    • Unlock Hidden Functionality
    • Prevent Malware, Viruses & Hacks
    • Customise the Android OS
    • Revive Your Old Hardware

Want to learn how to enhance your Android device using advanced tricks and techniques? The Advanced Guide to Android is your essential guide to getting the most from your smartphone or tablet, whether it is brand new or getting a little long in the tooth! If you want to find new ways to maximise the battery life, learn how to activate hidden features or learn more about rooting and home screen replacement apps, you will find everything you need in these pages.

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Advanced Guide to Android Vol 21

Essential Step-by-step Guides

Make your Samsung Galaxy device perform the way you want it to by following our stepby-step guides to some of the must have Android apps and features. From IF TTT to Buzz Launcher, Wi-Fi hotspots to Google Now, The Advanced Guide to Android will show you how to be more productive, save valuable time and even have more fun!

Android Rooting Explained

Learn everything you need to know about rooting and root apps. Find out why thousands of Android users are unlocking the power to customise their device the way they want and learn how you can safely do the same. If that isn’t enough, you can also find loads of complete guides to installing and using some of the most popular and useful root apps available.

Discover Android Secrets

From prolonging the battery life to reducing data usage, make your Android smartphone or tablet perform the way you want it to. Follow our expert guides, tutorials and tips to the unique, and sometimes hidden, customisation and control features of the Android OS.

Essential Tips and Tricks

Discover hundreds of essential tips and tricks, covering everything from Gmail to anti-virus software. Boost your Android privacy and security, solve some of the problems most commonly encountered and learn how to make the battery last longer than ever.

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