The iPhone GuideBook Vol 19


The ultimate user manual for Apple’s amazing smartphone!

Whether you’re a complete beginner or have had your iPhone for a while, The iPhone GuideBook is the book for you. If you’re new to the iPhone, we take you through the bare- bones basics with easy-to-follow illustrated tutorials on its key apps and features. For the more experienced, our detailed guides take things a step further, covering the apps’ less well known capabilities. With our help, you’ll soon be an iPhone expert.

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Key Apps Explained

The iPhone GuideBook takes an in-depth look at the iPhone’s bundled applications, showing you how to use its basic functions and also its more advanced features. For example, we show you how to surf the web with Safari, how to bookmark pages, save to a reading list and more.

Keep Your iPhone Secure

Are you afraid of losing your iPhone and having someone pry into your personal data? With our help you can keep it secure, trace it if it’s lost or stolen and even wipe it remotely in an emergency. If you’re concerned family members might run up a huge bill with in-app purchases, we show you how to stop that too.

For Work and Play

If you use your iPhone for entertainment, there are the Music, Videos and iBooks apps. For productivity, there are the Calendar, Notes, Maps, Reminders and Contacts apps. All are covered in our easy-to-follow, plain-English tutorials. You’ll soon be getting even more from your iPhone.

Photography Laid Bare

We help you take your iPhone photography to the next level, with in-depth guides to using the Camera app and its essential features; and also editing your photographs with the Photos app. We also show you how to record videos, record your location in a photo, organise them into albums and more.

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