The iPad Seniors Manual Vol 22


The ONLY iPad Manual for Seniors!

The iPad Seniors Manual is written with the more mature iPad owner in mind. Keeping technical jargon to a minimum, we show you how to get the most from your Apple tablet, its bundled apps and the latest version of its operating system, iOS 11.2. Our guides are fully illustrated and written in plain English, so they’re easy to follow and use; and although we assume no prior knowledge, we cover the advanced features of the iPad and its apps as well as the basics, making it useful for more experienced users as well as those new to the iPad.

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For Work and Leisure

We show you how to use your iPad to organise your life with the Calendar, Reminders, Notes and Contacts apps, enjoy your digital music and movies with the Music and TV apps and how to use your iPad to buy and read electronic books with the iBooks app.

Stay Up to Date

The iPad Seniors Manual is fully up to date with the latest version of the iPad’s operating system, iOS 11.2. If you haven’t already updated your iPad, we show you how to do so and also how to keep your apps completely up to date too.

Do More Online

Are you making the most of your iPad’s Internet features, such as web browsing and email? We show you how to use the tablet’s bundled Internet applications, including their advanced capabilities, such as private browsing and email attachments.

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Jan 2018

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