Mac The Beginners Guide Vol 25


Getting you started and taking things further with your Mac!

Are you new to the Mac and its operating system, macOS? If so, Mac – The Beginners’ Guide is for you. Our fully illustrated, plain English tutorials take you through the first steps with your Mac, and show you the basics such as the desktop and gesture controls. We then break down all the Mac’s key bundled apps, showing their basic and advanced features; also, we take a look at some of macOS High Sierra’s more complicated features, such as iCloud, System Preferences and Family Sharing. With our help, you’ll soon be getting the most from your Mac.

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Mac The Beginners Guide Vol 25

Over 140 pages of high-quality guide and tutorials for everything Mac!

Up to Date with High Sierra

Mac – The Beginners’ Guide has been fully updated with all the new things brought to your Mac via the macOS High Sierra update. If you want to know about the new features in Photos, Notes and more, look no further.

Fully Illustrated Tutorials

Our guides and how-to’s are very easy to follow. They’re written in plain English, with minimal technical jargon; and every one of them is illustrated with screenshots, so you can follow what’s going on throughout.

Every Key App Explained

We take you through all of the key applications that are installed with macOS High Sierra, including Safari, Mail, iTunes, Maps, Photos and more. We show you their advanced features as well as their basic functions.

For Work and Play

If you use your Mac for business, take a look at our tutorials on Calendar, Notes, Reminders, Contacts and more. If the Mac is the centre of your leisure lifestyle, see our guides to Videos, iTunes, iBooks and more.

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Dec 2017

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