Essential Apple User Magazine Vol 8


Tips, Tricks & Fixes for Apple’s latest updates!

    • Apple Arcade Launch – Games across your Apple Devices
    • iPhone 12 – What can we expect for 2020?
    • iOS 13, iPadOS & Catalina


Are you ready to take the next step and update to Apple’s 2019 operating systems? Is your Mac up to running macOS Catalina? Can your iPad run iPadOS? And is your iPhone new enough for iOS 13? Within these pages, we show you how to update your Apple gear, and outline the system requirements they must meet if they’re to install the new operating systems.

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Essential Apple User Magazine Vol 8

The new operating systems are out, and don’t they look great? We’ve all got our favourite features. Mine would be Sidecar, if I had a notebook that could run it. My 2015 MacBook Pro is too long in the tooth for this particular feature, though it’s running Catalina beautifully, and is as snappy and speedy as the day I bought it. Macs really do outlive their Windows rivals by some considerable distance. In our house, we still have an original, first-generation MacBook Air that’s in regular use and working fine. It’s stuck on OS X 10.7: Lion and its hard drive has long since been replaced with an SSD, but it’s still running well at eleven years old.

An Apple gadget we don’t tend to hang onto as long as our Macs is the iPhone. There’s a new one released every year, and, on average, users upgrade their phones every two or three years. But should you abandon your current iPhone and move up to the recently released iPhone 11 series? In this issue, we take you through the history of the iPhone, from the very first model in 2007 right up to last month’s amazing iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, and discuss whether now is the time to upgrade. We take a look at some of the rumours surrounding the inevitable iPhone 12 too. Update or wait? We help you decide.

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