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Using Photoshop is one thing, but getting the most out of it is something that can take even the most prolific digital artists years to accomplish. Part of the key to Photoshop’s success is down to its vast array of features and the techniques you can bring to bear on your photos and works of art and we want to help you unlock more of this amazing program’s potential.

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Photoshop Tricks, Tips and Fixes Vol 28

You have the power

Make no mistake, Photoshop is a powerful, complex and involved program with many tools and features, but it need not overwhelm you. More and more people are learning how to develop their photo-editing skills. With a few simple tutorials and some great insider tips and tricks under your belt, you can be one of them.

You have the skill

We show you the fundamentals that will get you up and running in Photoshop, with our simple guides to layer-based photo editing and digital manipulation. It doesn’t stop there. Add to your growing skill set with a diverse set of hints, tips and tricks that will have you working smarter and faster than you thought possible.

You have the tools

We also have a set of more involved tutorials that can help you take your photos and artwork to the next level, including effective methods of working, guides to essential tools and features and some tips on how to unlock even more of the features buried deep within Photoshop. After that, try some of our full tutorials and unleash your imagination.



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Jun 2019

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