Photo Editing for Photographers Vol 23


Your essential guide to the power of digital photo editing!

From the simplest adjustment to the exposure of a photograph, to the merging and blending of multiple images to create HDR photos, Photoshop has become the one stop shop for all your digital editing needs. Everyone from beginners to top level graphics professionals and photographers can all use this amazing image manipulation program and achieve great results very quickly. Let us show you just how powerful Photoshop is, and discover a range of tools and techniques that can make excellent digital artists of us all.

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Photo Editing for Photographers

The power to create is at your fingertips. Fire up Photoshop, open up this magazine, download the free tutorial images and follow along. You will soon be editing your digital photos and manipulating images just like a pro. Photoshop is powerful but it is not a scary program to work with. Once you have the basics under you belt, you will realise that if you can imagine it, Photoshop can help create it for you.

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If you love photography, art or design, Photoshop has the tools to help you take it to the next level, giving you the potential to express yourself more with your artwork than ever before. Such is the appeal of Photoshop, that it is being utilised by beginners and professionals alike the world over. There are no hidden secrets to using it effectively, it’s just a case of understanding the basics and taking it from there.

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