The Adobe Photoshop Manual Vol 22 – Digital Edition


A high-quality Guidebook, containing over 195 pages of Adobe Photoshop guides, tips and tutorials


  • Download and read anywhere on any compatible device
  • Learn the key skills you need to get better at creating with Photoshop
  • Discover all of the powerful tools Adobe Photoshop includes
  • Perfect for Photoshop CS5, PS CS6, and Photoshop CC (2020)

Do you want to create exciting new compositions made up of multiple layers? Or simply enhance a favourite photo to make it brighter? With Photoshop, all this and more is possible. Come with us and unlock the secrets to professional-level photo editing and image manipulation with the help of this manual. From simple first steps to more advanced creative tutorials, we’ve got you covered as you explore the world of Photoshop.

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The Adobe Photoshop Manual Vol 22

Photoshop has come an awfully long way since its inception in 1987. It has gone on to become a household name with people actually using it as a verb. These days, images are not digitally manipulated they are ‘Photoshopped’.

Adobe has created a tool that allows artists, photographers and designers to let their ideas run wild and gives them the ability to turn those ideas into something tangible. If it can be imagined, it can be moulded into a digital work of art. No wonder then that this program has become the industry standard by which all other editing programs are measured.

Amazing Digital Creations

Photoshop lets you imagine something and then make it come to life right there on your computer screen. If you’ve ever wondered how to take your creative ideas to the next level, wonder no more. This manual is packed with guides that range from an introductory tour of Photoshop’s main features, to in-depth layer-based editing techniques.

Learn at your own pace

This manual contains a wealth of tips and tutorials that cover such diverse topics as:

Keyboard Shortcuts • The Toolbar • Using Layers • Your First Cut Out • Selection Tools • Quick Mask Mode • Curves and Levels • Adjusting Exposure

Contrast and Saturation • Panorama Stitching • Colour Replacement • Processing Raw Files • ACR Interface • Lightbeam Effects • Collodion Portraits • Dodging and Burning



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