Blue Yeti X – Review

For when the mics built into your Mac just won’t do...

  • Blue Microphones
  • £159.99, $169.99, 179.99 €
  • Compatibility: Mac, USB

When your Mac-compatible plug-and-play USB microphone is generally regarded as the best in its price bracket, you’re hard-pressed to improve on it. But Blue Microphones did just that with the release of the Yeti X, adding all sorts of features to an already-great mic.

The new eleven-dot volume meter around the volume knob lets you know how loudly you’re speaking, which is great feedback when recording a podcast or YouTube video. This multi-function smart knob also lets you adjust the mic’s gain and headphone volume, along with the blend of microphone signal and computer sound, so you can quickly adjust the balance of the computer audio and microphone input.

Like before, you have four modes from which to choose. Stereo Mode uses both the right and left channels, for better audio quality. If you’re podcasting on your own, use Cardioid Mode and only capture the sound directly in front of the mic. If there’s a group of you, maybe in a telemeeting, Omnidirectional Mode captures sound from all around, and if there are only two people, use Bi-Directional Mode to record from the front and the rear of the mic. Whichever you opt for, a four-capsule condenser microphone array provides excellent sound quality, and the mic comes bundled with the Blue VO!CE software package that gives all sorts of filters and presets to add some great effects to the sound.

If you’re looking for an excellent mic for your Mac, the Blue Yeti X is beyond compare. It’s robust, capable and versatile, and definitely the device of choice for Twitchers, Podcasters and others.

Blue Yeti X
  • Overall


A top-quality mic that isn’t the cheapest out there, but it’s undoubtedly the best.

+ Robust and practical
+ Excellent sound quality
+ Very flexible

– A little expensive?

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