Beginner C++ Mistakes

Beginner C mistakes

There are many pitfalls the C++ developer can encounter, especially as this is a more complex and often unforgiving language to master. Beginners need to take C++ a step at a time and digest what they’ve learned before moving on. Admittedly it’s not just C++ beginners that make the kinds of errors we outline on these pages, even hardened coders are prone to the odd mishap here and there. Here are some common issues to try and avoid. 1. Undeclared Identifiers A common C++ mistake, and to be honest a common mistake with most programming languages, is when you try...

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Speck Presidio CLEAR for 13-inch MacBook Pro 2016 – Review

Price: £89.95, $99.95, 99,95 € Manufacturer: Samsonite IP Holdings S.A.R.L, The Presidio CLEAR is definitely a premium notebook case. Available in clear or black onyx versions and designed for the latest 13-inch MacBook Pro models, the case covers both the upper and lower part of your notebook, while allowing you to open it without removal. It’s far more robust than your average notebook case, with strong, durable clips to hold it in place and double layers on the MacBook’s perimeter for added protection. It also features rubberised feet to prevent sliding and a raised edge to allow you to...

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