Big Sur – What’s New in Maps?

Like Messages, Maps has seen an iOS-esque overhaul from its previous offerings. The redesign is to help make the most of the big Mac displays and there are some new powerful features that will help you get the most from this often under-appreciated Apple app.

The main emphasis in the new Maps design is to help you plan your route, then send it to iOS. The added benefit of the planning stage is that you’ll be doing it on your Mac with its high resolution display, so you can get down to the nitty gritty and utilise all the new features of the app.

Finding Your Way

One of the main benefits to the newly designed Maps isn’t so much the features that have been included but rather the encompassing redesigned User Interface. Maps is now much clearer than before and the window design means you’ll get the focus you need while other content is working in the background.

With updated information you’re able to drill down to precise locations and from there begin to plan an itinerary of where to eat, where to walk, where to cycle, where to catch a train or bus or even hire a Kayak and explore the waterways.

You can quickly and easily create directed routes to and from various destinations, for car, walking, public transport or even cycle routes. Routes will take into account elevation, busy roads, stairs and there’s options that include electric vehicle charging points along the way.

Not able to get to a location? Then explore the wider world in glorious 3D from the comfort of your Mac. The immersive 3D function in Maps is the next best thing to being there – minus the traffic, lost luggage, weather…

Guides created by Apple partners and trusted brands are now available to list suggestions of places to visit, eat, shop and more in cities across the world. You’re even able to create your own Guides in Maps and share them with friends and family members.

Like Messages, Maps has seen an iOS-esque overhaul from its previous offerings.

Maps now allows you to look at the interior layout of major locations, such as airports and shopping centres. This is a great feature that will help you orientate and familiarise yourself with the inside of a busy airport, for example, before you set off for your holidays.

Ian Osborne

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