The Best Sonic The Hedgehog Games on Mobile

With his debut movie being actually really good, it would be fair to say that Sonic the Hedgehog is back! Well it would if he hadn’t actually gone away. Born in the early nineties, Sega’s iconic mascot has managed to gross over $5 billion from the many games, animated series, toys, a blockbuster movie, collector cards and umpteen other platforms. Not bad for a blue anthropomorphic hedgehog. Here, then, are a collection of our favourite Sonic games for both iOS and Android.

Sonic Dash

Mix Temple Run with the blistering speed of Sonic the Hedgehog, include collecting golden rings, avoiding spikes, gaps in the floor, and the enemies found in the original Sonic game, and you’ve got one of the best from the infinite running genre.

You can play as Sonic or one of his friends, through a glorious 3D version of Green Hill zone and more. Obstacles are plenty, and you pick up some impressive speeds as you spin through, over and around the ever-weaving and changing landscapes.

Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom, the sequel, is just as good and features an improvement in the graphics and speed of the original.

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Sonic the Hedgehog Classic

Naturally there can’t be a list of great Sonic games without mentioning the one that started it all off. Originally released in ’92 for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis, Sonic the Hedgehog Classic is an optimised release for both iOS and Android.

There’s everything in here, from the classic “Sega” at the start of the game, through to the music in the stages, lightning speed through the levels and the inevitable frustration of losing all your coins when you accidentally hit one of those annoying Badnik wasps.

Despite adverts between levels, Sonic the Hedgehog Classic is great, and pulls those of old enough to recall the Sonic from the first time around into a nostalgic, dreamy-eyed trance. Newcomers will enjoy the gameplay just as much, and may even make them delve further into 90s console gaming.

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Sonic Forces

In a neat twist to the endless runner genre, Sonic Forces introduces a multiplayer option to the mix alongside a soupçon of Mario Kart whereby you can blast your opponents off the race track with a multitude of power-ups.

The multiplayer side of things pits you against other Sonic Forces players from around the world, playing one of the many different Sonic characters. There are obstacles to avoid, and timing is key if you want to keep ahead of the other players and collect the maximum number of rings.

It’s good fun, and can become very competitive very quickly. Pushing your Sonic skills to the max against other players is what makes this a standout game, however, but it can take some time before you unlock more content.

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Sonic CD Classic

Another classic re-release from Sega, Sonic CD Classic follows the 1993 Sega CD platformer as Sonic time travels his way through many zones to collect Time Stones, rescue Amy Rose and battle Metal Sonic.

Despite the music change, Sonic CD Classic is a great, remastered launch that will bring back some fond memories for some while offering a new slant on the Blue Blur’s escapades for modern gamers. Both the iOS and Android version run perfectly smoothly, so you can still enjoy the legendary speed runs through the zones.

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More Sonic

Needless to say, the list of Sonic titles goes on. There are plenty more to choose from, for both iOS and Android, and with Sega releasing something Sonic-related on what feels like a monthly basis, you’re never going to be short of a bit of hedgehog action.

These are our favourite Sonic titles, but what are yours? Let us know.

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