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This is where you can find and download all of the files associated with many of our publications (Photoshop tutorial files, code examples, etc), as well as other exclusive free content. Everything here is completely free to download, just click on the content you want to see more information and the download links.


Code Portal

Download each of the programs listed in the Code Repository, in their original Python format. You can then edit them, take snippets of code from each to plug into your own programs or improve and expand on them as you see fit.

Visit the Code Portal


Free Guides and Articles

Head over to our guides and blog section to find completely free guides and advice on loads of tech, from the latest iPhone gadget reviews, to a rundown of the best free Antivirus software for your PC, there is sure to be something useful to find here.

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If none of the freebies above take your fancy, why not take a look at some of the high-quality, premium tech bookazines available from BDM Publications? While these bookazines are not free, they do offer incredible value for money, and can help you get to grips with everything from your iPhone to your digital camera.