Apple Watch 4: Possible specs and what to look out for

apple watch 4

Samsung and Google are shaking the smartwatch tree with the Galaxy Watch and Pixel Wear, but Apple could well be in a position to uproot the lot with the unveiling of a new watch in September.

Watching Apple

apple watch 4 leaked image

Apple news website 9To5Mac released leaked images of the rumoured Apple Watch 4

Although there’s no concrete evidence that Apple will unveil a new smartwatch in September, the pundits are placing bets on seeing the Apple Watch 4 before too long.

Expectations are high, since the original Apple Watch was released in 2015, as it’s the top smartwatch on the market, but what will it feature?

Apple has the opportunity here to dramatically push smartwatches into a new era. With WatchOS 5 ready to be unleashed the rumour-mongers have certainly been busy of late. Features such as radical fitness improvements, a walkie-talkie watch-to-watch mode (which, admittedly, would be very cool), support for podcasts, and to play audio from third-party apps on the go, there’s no wonder everyone is getting pretty excited.

What’s it got?

apple watch 4

Apple may have the next biggest thing ready for a September release.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes the next Apple Watch will feature a bigger display, possibly up to fifteen percent bigger, solid-state buttons, always-on Siri (which will get the security crowd a little worried, we imagine), and a vastly improved battery life. Other less reputable rumours involve built-in sleep tracking, blood glucose monitoring, UV expose sensing, and even smart straps. Whether or not all or any of these features will be available is purely speculation, but who knows, Apple has managed to pull an ace out of its considerable sleeves before.


Apple’s contactless charging, AirPower, is also one of the contenders to be introduced alongside the rumoured Apple Watch in September. According to Apple, the Apple Watch 3 is already AirPower ready, despite the lack of actual AirPower at the moment. Needless to say, if it makes an appearance, watch this space for a full review as we get more information.

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