App Disasters – Are These the Worst Apps Ever?

Out of the millions of great apps across all the mobile platforms there have been some incredible flops. These can be in the form of a poorly developed game, or something incredibly insensitive and unnecessary. We’ve listed a collection of some of our favourite worst apps ever.

Most of us will have a few select apps we use all the time. Something to contact friends and family, check emails, a game and so on. Every so often, though, we’ll see something and decide to give it a try. Sometimes the gamble is worth it, other times not. It’s these terrible apps we’re looking at here, the ones that stand out from the crowd of really bad examples and make you wonder what the developers were even thinking when they wrote the code and published it to the app store.

Amp Up Before You Score

To celebrate the release of the Pepsi AMP energy drink, the company decided to launch an app called Amp Up Before You Score – this was a terrible idea.

The app was designed to help guys ‘score’ with twenty four different types of women, such as Aspiring Actress, Artist, Sporty Type and so on. The app will provide the guy with pick up lines, and info helping them win over said woman.

If that wasn’t low enough, the app then enabled the guys to openly brag about being with any of the ‘types’ on offer, including sharing details of the hook up with their friends.

Needless to say, the app was pulled overnight and an apology issued by Pepsi.

Taxi Hold’em

This app is a great example of a decent idea that went horribly wrong. Taxi Hold’em enabled users to display a Taxi label on their phone, they could then stand on the street and wave their phones at passing taxis in the hope that the taxi will stop.

Of course, there’s some thinking that clearly didn’t happen here. As it turns out, the Taxi driver needed to look over at the people standing on the road, then squint as they try and read what’s being displayed on a five-inch (or less) screen, taking their eyes off the road.

The app resulted in a number of instances of taxis crashing, and was subsequently pulled from the store. Since then, people who used it presumably went back to waving their hands and yelling at the cabs as they went by.

I Am Important

An odd app, this one, as it was designed to make its users feel more important by creating and issuing fake calendar alerts, contacts, messages and emails. It also asked you how your day went, or how any meetings went that you didn’t go to because they didn’t exist in the first place.

We understand that feeling alone isn’t pleasant, but I Am Important just seemed to amplify the feeling. Anyway, it’s not one you should be installing.

Send Me To Heaven

Initially, we assumed that Send Me To Heaven might be something that measured the number of good deeds you did throughout the day, or helped others or created some kind of positive emotion. Sadly no, it simply involved lobbing your phone.

Amazingly, this was an app that measured how high you could throw your phone, adding you to a leaderboard of users who joined you with tossing your expensive devices into the sky.

We don’t need to mention the obvious flaws here, do we?


In the world of odd apps, TweetPee stands out of the crowd. Essentially, this is an app that consists of a sensor that you would attach to a child’s nappy which would then send you a Tweet should the child have a wee.

We did say it was odd. What’s more, the parent could then opt to retweet the Tweet sent by the sensor, telling all their follows that their offspring has once again gone to the toilet.

Ghost Radar

The thought that our phones would be able to detect signs of the afterlife is a little difficult to believe, however, users who downloaded Ghost Radar obviously did have some belief in the presence of ghosts, sprits and the like.

Ghost Radar displays a radar, with blobs that are possible ‘ghosts’. Think of the motion detects used in the Aliens film. To date, no ghosts have been discovered using this app.

I Am Rich

Nothing speaks of wealth more than having an app that costs £600, and simply displays the message “You there! Look at this apps I’ve just purchased!”.

The idea behind I am Rich was to simply show off how much disposable income you have. That, and showing everyone how few brain cells you have.

Will You Marry Me?

Why get down on knee in a romantic, personal setting, looking into the eyes of the one you love, and saying those magic words “will you marry me?”, when you can simply get an app do it for you.

On the screen you get to open a ring box, swipe to choose your type of ring, then swipe down to close the box. Hand the phone over to your loved one, and ask them to swipe to open the box. They’ll then have two boxes: Yes and No, to choose from.

Who ever said romance was dead.

Bad Apps Galore

Needless to say that was just the tip of the iceberg, the likes of Pocket Warmer, UK Payphone Finder, Gather, IFrench Kiss and more are all honourable mentions, but we don’t have the time (or the willpower) to write about them all.

Got a really bad app? Tell us about it below.

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