The Adobe Photoshop Manual – Vol 11

Find out for yourself why digital artists and photographers find Adobe Photoshop to be an essential part of their creative workflow. All you need to take your images to the next level are in the pages of this guide.

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018-019.Selection Tools 1.13 mb Download
020-021.Healing Brush 2.29 mb Download
022-023.Clone Stamp 829.97 kb Download
026-027.Gradient Fill 1.38 mb Download
028-029.Pen Tool and Paths 256.21 kb Download
032-033.Making Selections 1.22 mb Download
034-035.Modifying Selections 381.29 kb Download
036-037.Using Layers 2.62 mb Download
038-039.Adjustment Layers 201.34 kb Download
040-041.Curves and Levels 548.37 kb Download
042-043.Cropping and Resizing 499.76 kb Download
044-045.Quick Mask Mode 828.25 kb Download
046-047.Using Layer Masks 845.78 kb Download
048-049.Content Aware Fill and Scale 1.37 mb Download
052-053.Adjusting Exposure 352.61 kb Download
054-055.Colour Correction 921.31 kb Download
056-057.Contrast Saturation 708.08 kb Download
058-065.Monochrome Techniques 930.22 kb Download
066-067.Adding a Grad Filter 898.97 kb Download
068-069.Correct Lens Distortion 1.06 mb Download
070-071.Panorama Stitching 1.59 mb Download
072-073.Colour Replacement 300.24 kb Download
074-075.Soft Focus 1.16 mb Download
080-083.ACR Workflow 22.71 mb Download
086-091.Image Compositing 1.60 mb Download
092-097.3D Tools 810.53 kb Download
098-103.Dispersion Effect 576.62 kb Download
104-109.Photo to Cartoon 649.66 kb Download
110-115.Orton Technique 725.70 kb Download
116-121.Fluoro Duotone 3.08 mb Download
122-127.Collodion Wet Plate 2.21 mb Download
128-133.Exposure Stacking 2.86 mb Download
134-137.Replace Dull Sky 859.92 kb Download
138-143.Simulating Snow 730.33 kb Download
144-149.Tilt Shift 2.20 mb Download
150-155.Dragan Effect 272.35 kb Download
156-161.Geometric Art 348.68 kb Download
162-167.Stone Skin Effect 1.73 mb Download
168-173.Lomo Effect 1.03 mb Download
174-181.Frequency Separation 956.34 kb Download
182-185.Exposure Blending 3.37 mb Download
186-193.Playing with Fire 948.26 kb Download