Adobe Photoshop Guidebook – Vol. 22

Essential digital manipulation tutorials. We show you how to use Photoshop to fill your screen with amazing images.

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Title Description Size Download
01.multiple image blending Part 1 - Combine various images with layers and masks Part 2 - Time to add some lighting and colour effects 64.32 mb Download
02.pencil sketch effect Start scribbling and unleash your inner artist 516.69 kb Download effects Flame effects to add a spark to your digital skills 977.46 kb Download swapping technique Another cool way to replace dull skies on a photo 5.52 mb Download
05.the dragan effect Add a little drama to your most cherished photos 643.79 kb Download
06.long exposure 1 We introduce you to Smart Objects and Stack Modes 66.26 mb Download
07.long exposure 2 We introduce you to Smart Objects and Stack Modes 66.42 mb Download
08.long exposure 3 We introduce you to Smart Objects and Stack Modes 66.58 mb Download
09.decorative borders Add a little sparkle to your favourite photos 830.01 kb Download and 3d objects How to add 3D objects to your 2D photos 3.08 mb Download
11.selective colour 608.71 kb Download
12.stylised portraits This is how you take a portrait to a whole new level 1.27 mb Download to make it rain Add mood and drama to your images 969.89 kb Download makeup effects Photoshop takes you from digital artist to makeup artist 1.70 mb Download
15.hdr images Capture more of the world as you see it 71.75 mb Download
16.enhancing landscapes Bring out the full potential of the most ordinary looking shots 23.86 mb Download portraits An unusual and fun way to enhance a portrait 763.65 kb Download
18.multi exposure lighting You don’t need expensive lighting equipment when you have Photoshop 2.38 mb Download