Adobe Photoshop The Complete Guide – Vol 21

The power of Photoshop is at your fingertips. Step-by-step guides explore the world of digital photo editing and image manipulation.

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Title Description Size Download
018-019.selection tools Photoshop provides multiple methods for isolating areas of your image 2.88 mb Download
020-021.healing brush tools Clean up minor blemishes, dust spots and stray hairs with the Healing Brush tools 5.91 mb Download
022-023.clone stamp tool Remove unwanted elements from your photos 686.86 kb Download
026-027.gradient fill paint bucket Fill layers and selections with colours, textures and gradients 192.30 kb Download
030-031.making selections The ability to select and modify only part of an image is fundamental to how Photoshop works 1.10 mb Download
032-033.modifying selections Photoshop has sophisticated tools to refine selections 1.20 mb Download
034-035.using layers Understanding layers is fundamental to Photoshop editing 3.47 mb Download
036-037.adjustment layers A great way to edit your images without damaging them 593.18 kb Download
038-039.curves and levels The most versatile way to adjust, brightness and contrast in your digital images 385.47 kb Download
040-041.cropping and resizing Changing the size of a digital photograph 748.44 kb Download
042-043.quick mask mode There’s a quicker way of editing selections and masks 3.33 mb Download
044-045.using layer masks Add effects non-destructively with Layer Masks 1.98 mb Download
046-047.content aware fill and scale Photoshop contains image processing technology so advanced it looks like magic 1.20 mb Download
050-051.adjusting exposure Correcting your exposure mistakes is easy with Photoshop 503.11 kb Download
052-053.contrast and saturation Using curves and blend modes to improve colour saturation and contrast in your digital photos 697.14 kb Download
054-055.adding a grad filter Graduated filters can improve photos by adding depth and colour to the sky 1.45 mb Download
056-057.correcting lens distortion Correct the optical distortion of ultra-wide lenses with Photoshop’s Adaptive Wide Angle 1.12 mb Download
058-059.panorama stitching Get the whole of the landscape into one ultra-wide picture 6.36 mb Download
060-061.colour replacement Swapping one colour for another 650.93 kb Download
062-063.soft focus technique Adding a soft focus effect gives your portraits a romantic feel 1.34 mb Download
070-073.raw processing Getting the most out of your Raw files 26.01 mb Download
076-087.creative text effects There’s a lot more to life than Verdana 11.64 mb Download retouching Beauty retouching workflow for great skin 1.27 mb Download
100-111.split raw conversion Bring out the full potential of every photograph 25.20 mb Download
112-115.layer styles Add graphical and artistic effects to your layers 2.65 mb Download
116-123.infrared processing See the world in a whole new light 27.30 mb Download
124-133.hdr images 1 of 2 Capture more of the world as you see it 66.96 mb Download
124-133.hdr images 2 of 2 Capture more of the world as you see it 71.72 mb Download
134-139.blend modes There are many ways that layers can interact with each other 1.53 mb Download
140-145.tilt shift effect Create the illusion of miniature environments 2.76 mb Download