About BDM

About BDM Publications

Never one to follow tradition, Black Dog Media Ltd saw the bookazine as far more than a way to recycle old material but as new publishing medium. Each bookazine series that was launched under the BDM brand was created from new, not re-used old material. New original material that is tailored for each varying brand and linked reader demographic, material we are proud to publish for the first time in our bookazine series. When it comes to our high quality production brought together with our fresh and original expert editorial we believe that our readers are given an unmatched entertaining and educational experience from each of our bookazine publications.

From its humble beginnings in 2004, the BDM brand quickly grew from a single publication produced by a team of just two to one of the biggest names in global bookazine publishing, for two simple reasons. Our passion and commitment to deliver the very best product each and every volume. While the company has grown with a portfolio of over 250 publications delivered by our international staff, the foundation that it has been built upon remains the same, which is why we believe BDM isn’t just the first choice it’s the only choice for the smart consumer.

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