9 Pretty Weird Apple Gadgets

Are you craving a smart egg steamer? Need a min jet fan? We take a look at some seriously eye-popping peripherals for your Apple gear and wonder just who came up with such barking mad ideas?

Click To Pray eRosary

URL: https://bit.ly/2JOuKSx
Price: £99, $110, 99 €
This is real. Honest. It’s not April, and we’re not fooling. This Vatican-endorsed rosary doubles as a health tracker and is compatible with the Click To Pray app. It keeps track of your prayers as well as your exercise.

SMART Retro USB Mini Jet Fan

URL: www.smartworldwidefun.com
Price: £39.99, $49.99, 45,99 €
USB desk fans are nothing new, but this curiously retro design certainly stands out from the crowd. As well as two speeds, this six-inch sensation has a built-in aroma dispenser, so it keeps the room sweet smelling and cool.

SMART Voice Egg Steamer

URL: www.smartworldwidefun.com
Price: £54.99, $69.99, 62,99 €
Here’s one for the hi-tech kitchen. Instead of dropping an egg into a saucepan of boiling water, let the Voice Egg Steamer do the work. It can cook your eggs hard, medium, or soft-boiled and it lets you know when they’re done with a spoken alert.

iFi Aurora

URL: https://ifi-audio.com
Price: £1299, $1299, 1499 €
It’s odd, it’s art and it’s awesome. This all-in-one music system is clad in bamboo, and inspired by Japanese architecture. Its in-built AI configures the sound to fit the room it’s in and you can link several Auroras via Wi-Fi to create a multi-room system.


URL: https://www.powervision.me
Price: from £695, $799, 799 €
The PowerDolphin is the multipurpose tool that fishermen were waiting for: it’s a bait-drop boat equipped with a powerful fish-finder and a 4K UHD camera that can film underwater as well as on the surface. There’s an iOS app for it, of course.

Cowboy Bike

URL: https://cowboy.com
Price: £1790, $TBA, 1,990 €
Is this the future of the trusty bicycle? It has integrated lights, an iOS app with a dashboard giving you information on speed, duration, distance and battery level, and push notifications let you know when it needs maintenance. The app can also trace a stolen bike.

Victrola Plaza

URL: https://victrola.com
Price: £199.99, $149.99, 229,90 €
With its speedo-like dial, it looks like it belongs in the dashboard of a vintage car, but Victrola Plaza is actually a four-in-one Bluetooth audio player. It combines a three-speed turntable, FM radio, Bluetooth streaming and auxiliary input. It’s available in black or blue.

AeroBull HD1

URL: https://musiclife.paris
Price: from £1,499, $1,899, 1,750 €
What should a set of speakers look like? Stylish? Imposing? Elegant? Perhaps a sitting bulldog wearing sunglasses, bizarrely, that’s what the folk at Jarre have come up with. Their curious audio player boasts high-definition sound along with Bluetooth and aux input.

Rocketbook Fusion

URL: www.getrocketbook.co.uk
Price: from £32.99, $35.99, 39,99 €
The Fusion is a reusable pen and paper notebook with seven different page templates that connect to your favourite cloud services. It has 42 pages of calendars, to-do lists and note-taking layouts. Scan them with your iPhone app and wipe the pages clean when you’re done.

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