4 Brilliant Email Clients for Windows 10

While many people now prefer the ease of webmail services such as Gmail, there are still a lot of benefits of having email client software installed on your computer. The email app that comes with Windows 10 isn’t terrible, but there are several free email clients that offer many more features and better usability.

eM Client

Download from: www.emclient.com

Choosing a new email client, the software that collects and displays your emails on screen, can easily be overlooked in favour of finding more exciting software to download. However, if you need to send and receive emails on a daily basis, especially if you need to manage multiple email accounts efficiently, choosing a better option than the standard Microsoft Mail app can make a lot of difference to how easy your email correspondence works. Despite having been around for ten years, the brilliant free version of eM Client doesn’t feel old at all, mainly due to a fairly recent overhaul of the design and an on going development schedule.


eM Client is a fully featured email client that is compatible with all major email services, including Gmail, Exchange, iCloud and Outlook, and includes an integrated chat client to boot. The overhaul for version 7 introduced a new conversation view, improvements for touchscreen devices and high res displays and several other tools. If you are simply looking for a lightweight, well-designed email client for personal use, eM Client is great. However, the lack of unlimited account support (only 2 are allowed), makes it less useful for heavier email users.

Claws Mail

Download from: www.claws-mail.org/

Email clients are often left open and running in the background on a computer and some of the more visually impressive and feature-rich ones can be the cause of speed loss on older or less capable PC’s. Claws Mail, a completely free email client, could be the answer to that problem. Based on GTK+, a graphical user interface toolkit, Claws certainly won’t be winning any awards for looks, or indeed for flashy features, but it more than makes up for that by being solid, lightweight, relatively simple to use and extremely fast.


The appearance and interface of Claws Mail are designed to be familiar to new users coming from other popular email clients, as well as experienced users and almost all commands are accessible with the keyboard. This makes a refreshing change from the increasingly graphic-based interfaces in email clients. One of the ways Claws keeps speed up is by ignoring HTML in messages, working with plain text only; this means it might not be perfect for everyone but if you are looking for a light, free, fast email client, that supports multiple accounts, this should definitely be one to try out.

Mozilla Thunderbird

Download from: www.mozilla.org/en-GB/thunderbird/

As the type of emails we send, and the way we manage them, has changed, so the need for additional tools and features on our email clients has increased. As you might expect from an email client from the makers of the Firefox Browser, Thunderbird gets around this problem by giving users access to a large and ever-growing collection of third-party plug-ins and extensions. However, even without ever adding a plug-in, Thunderbird is a great alternative email client and one that is used extensively by the team here at BDM.


Tabbed email lets you load emails in separate tabs so you can quickly jump between them. Tabs appear on the top of the menu bar providing a powerful visual experience and allowing the toolbars to be much more contextual. Tools for handling overly large attachments and for reading RSS feeds are welcome and support for multiple accounts comes as standard. It might not be the best looking email client, but Thunderbird is solid, dependable, expandable and well supported.

Mailbird Lite

Download from: www.getmailbird.com

Mailbird is a great example of freemium software: software that is given away for free but with more advanced features reserved for users who pay. It provides just enough to make it a good email client but lets you preview features that make it a superb email client for a limited time. It then makes upgrading to the premium version seem like a very small price to pay for getting those features back once the trial ends. Whether you go pro or stick with the free version, Mailbird is worth trying out. First, it looks amazing for something as potentially dull as an email client. It seems to fit with the flat, modern design of Windows 10 without looking like a Microsoft app.


Of all the email clients explored here, Mailbird feels like the one most in touch with modern PC users. It is easy to set up and even gives free users the ability to add three accounts. It will also ask to connect to Facebook, Whatsapp, Google Calendar and several task managers to fill out your contacts list better and integrate with your daily life. During the pro trial you will have access to features such as attachment preview, email snoozing and a great email speed reader but even if you don’t take advantage of the upgrade offer at the end of 30 days, you will still have yourself a great email client.

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