24 Tips Every Big Sur User Should Know

These Mac tips will help you get the most from your Big Sur experience and improve your knowledge and efficiency for when you need to get the job done. Every Mac user needs to know these tips, so let’s get cracking.

Tip 1 – Get used to using Spotlight for better searching. Just press the Command + Spacebar to bring up the Spotlight search box and look for anything from files and folder to how many centimetres it is to Pluto and back.

Tip 2 – You can quickly switch between open apps by pressing Command + Tab, then keeping hold of Command and tapping the Tab key to cycle through the currently available apps.

Tip 3 – Hot Corners are the physical corners of the desktop, that can be customised to perform certain tasks when your mouse hovers over them. Go to System Preferences > Mission Control > Hot Corners to set them up.

Tip 4 – To quickly hide a window on the desktop press the Command + H keys. You can easily get it back by pressing the icon in the Dock or using the Command + Tab keys.

Tip 5 – Alternatively, you can hide all the currently opened windows, except for the one you’re working on (the one in the fore), by pressing the Alt (Option) + Command + H keys.

Tip 6 – If you have multiple windows open from a single app, such as Pages, then you can cycle through those windows by pressing the Command + ~ (Tilde) keys.

Tip 7 – Switching between multiple desktops is also extremely easy when you use the Control and individual Left or Right arrows on the keyboard, to cycle to the left or to the right. It certainly saves you some mouse work.

Tip 8 – If you wanted to delete a file that bypassed the Trash Bin, simply select a file and press Option + Command + Delete at the same time. Fair warning though, it will be gone forever. So be careful.

Tip 9 – If you want to create a duplicate of a file whenever you open it, right-click and select Get Info from the menu. Within the Info window, tick the Stationary Pad box. Now when you open that file, a duplicate will be created in the same folder.

Tip 10 – If you’ve got a lot of content on your desktop, right-click the desktop and choose Use Stacks from the menu. This makes Big Sur automatically organise everything by its file type.

Tip 11 – To cycle through a folder on either your desktop or in Finder, press the Command + Down Arrow keys. And to reverse the process, press Command + Up Arrow keys.

Tip 12 – Did you know that pressing Shift + Command + 5 will bring up the Screenshot app where you can choose to record a video of the entire desktop or just a portion of it.

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Ian Osborne

Ian has worked on computer and video games magazines since the legendary Crash and Zzap! 64 in the early Nineties, so he’s seen many changes over the years (including an expanding waistline and receding hairline). A lifelong Mac user, he bought his first Mac in the year 2000. It’s a testament to the resilience of the Mac that his mother is still using that computer to this very day.

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