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Tip 13 – Safari offers a Picture-in-Picture mode so you can watch a video while doing something else. To use it, right-click twice on the video and choose Picture-in-Picture from the menu.

Tip 14 – You can take screenshots by pressing Shift + Command + 3, and you can take selective area screenshots by pressing Shift + Command + 4, then drag the crosshairs into a rectangle surrounding the area you want to capture.

Tip 15 – If you own a Mac with a Force Touch Trackpad, then you’re able to get previews of websites or YouTube videos by clicking and holding on the website link or YouTube video.

Tip 16 – Also, when using a Force Touch Trackpad, if you see a word you’re not familiar with, you can highlight it then press down to get a dictionary definition.

Tip 17 – If you own an Apple Watch then you’re able to unlock your Mac by raising your arm as if to view the time. You’ll need to set up the process in System Preferences > Security & Privacy first though.

Tip 18 – If you hold down the Option key, then click on the date/time icon in the top-right of the desktop, you can immediately activate Do Not Disturb mode. You can tell by the crescent moon icon in the top menu bar appearing.

Tip 19 – To add to the screenshots tips, if you hold the Control key while taking a screenshot – for example: Control + Shift + Command + 3, the capture will be sent to the clipboard as opposed to a file on the desktop.

Tip 20 – If you hold the Option key while resizing a window, it will resize it from the centre as opposed to the corner you’re controlling with the mouse.

Tip 21 – Remember, quicker URL copying can be done by pressing Command + L to highlight the URL bar in Safari, then press Command + C to copy the link into the clipboard; to be used in other apps.

Tip 22 – If you Force Touch on a folder or file name you can quickly rename it. Also, Force Touch on a folder or file icon to get a preview of its contents.

Tip 23 – Use your F-keys to get quick access to functions such as Mission Control, screen brightness, volume settings and more. Also, press the Control button together with a Function key for more options.

Tip 24 – If you want to override the sleep settings on your Mac, drop into a Terminal session and enter the following command:


Enter Ctrl + C to end the program or you can specify a time limit with:

caffeinate -u -t [number of seconds]

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