1MORE True Wireless ANC Earbuds – Review

Are these true wireless, noise-cancelling earbuds the perfect companion for your daily commute? Read on to find out.

  • 1MORE International Ltd
  • https://global.1more.com
  • £189, $199, 199 €
  • Compatibility: Bluetooth audio devices

Audio manufacturer 1MORE certainly hasn’t skimped on the features here. These premium Bluetooth 5.0 earbuds match or exceed their similarly priced rivals in almost every area. For those who like their music lossless, they support SBC, AAC and Apt-X codecs. They have two levels of Active Noise Control (ANC) to blot out ambient sounds; one level for regular noise, and a more intense setting for when faced with louder background din. If you want to do the opposite and let ambient noise through, turn on the Pass-Through feature.
Quality-wise, the earbuds’ ANC capabilities are solid but unremarkable; middle of the pack.

Unlike many of their rivals, the earbuds have dual drivers and dual mics. This takes a toll on their size, making them a little bulky, but they fit the ears well and feel comfortable when in use. As you’d expect, there’s a range of tips to try out; there’s bound to be a pair that fits. Siri and Google voice control is catered for too.

Battery life is solid, but not outstanding. The earbuds last six hours on a full charge (five with ANC activated), and the case as a whole is good for 22 hours. You can charge the earbuds in an hour and the case in two hours. Fifteen minutes of top-up time lasts a couple of hours’ playback. To charge, plug the very impressive metal case in through USB-C or place it on a Qi charger.

Controls can be a little fiddly at first, but you soon get used to them. A mixture of physical buttons and touch controls, you can raise or lower the volume, skip forward or backward, accept phone calls and toggle the ANC and Pass-Through features all from the earbuds. Alternatively, there’s the 1MORE Music app. This can be a blessing, as the audio cue that tells you when ANC and Pass-Through are turned on and off is muted and difficult to understand. Maybe this will change with a future firmware update, something else you can operate from the app. One thing the app doesn’t have is an equaliser. We’re told it’s coming soon, probably some time next year, but it isn’t there yet. The earbuds aren’t water resistant, so are better suited for commuters than gym trainers.

However impressive the feature set, it’s the sound quality that really counts, and unfortunately it’s here the 1MORE True Wireless ANC Earbuds fall behind their similarly-priced rivals. It’s not that they’re bad. There’s a great level of detail in there, with each instrument reproduced clearly and solidly. Yet the soundstage is a little small, making the overall audio a little subdued and distant. Volume is somewhat lacking too. As a result, the sound quality is good, but not great. You can listen to a song on the 1MORE True Wireless ANC Earbuds and really enjoy it, but swap them out for (say) Jaybird’s Vista earbuds and the difference is apparent; their rivals’ sound is noticeably livelier and more immediate.

1MORE’s True Wireless ANC Earbuds are far from poor. They have a great feature set, are comfortable in the ears and the case they come in is awesome. It’s a pity the sound quality is more workmanlike than wonderful.

1MORE True Wireless ANC Earbuds


Good but not great, competent but not remarkable. 1MORE’s True Wireless ANCs are a decent set of earbuds, but there are better ones out there.

+ Great feature set
+ Comfortable to use
– Workmanlike sound
– Limited app

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