15 Things An iPad or iPhone Replaces

The versatility of Apple's mobile devices means they can replace a whole basket of tech. Here are some of the things you no longer need to carry around.

A Voice Recorder

Who needs a dedicated voice recorder when you have the Voice Memos app? It records using the iPhone’s, or iPad’s, in-built microphone.

A Calculator

If you need to do a few sums, use your iPhone’s Calculator app or get an iPad Calculator app from the App Store. There’s plenty available and many are free.

An eBook Reader

You can read digital books on your iPhone or iPad using the in-built Books app or the free Kindle app. You don’t need a separate eBook reader.

An iPod

If you enjoy music on the move, just use your iPhone’s or iPad’s Music app to listen to your favourite sounds.

A Pocket TV

Remember the pocket televisions you could use to watch TV on the go? Nowadays, all you need is your iPhone or iPad and the TV app. There’s a wealth of free apps for local channels too.

A Camera

There’s no need to carry around a camera when you have the iPhone or iPad and the Camera app and these mobile cameras are getting better and better.

A Camcorder

Your iPhone’s and iPad’s Camera apps can record videos as well as photos, so you no longer have to pack a camcorder for your holidays.

A Notepad

Why use a physical notepad when you have the iPhone and iPad’s Notes app? Go on the App Store, and you can buy apps that record your handwriting too.

A Personal Organiser

Apps such as Notes, Calendar, Reminders and Contacts can replace anything the Filofax-style personal organiser can offer.

A Newspaper

When you’ve got an iPhone or iPad, you have the News app and access to free apps such as BBC News. There’s no need to buy a morning paper.

A Portable Games Console

Apple’s mobile devices are great for gaming on the go. Check out the App Store’s games section – there are all sorts of gaming apps to try.

A Typewriter

With the iPhone/iPad and a compatible printer, you need never use a manual typewriter again. Just type on your mobile device and print it out.

A Sat-Nav

A sat-nav shows where you are in the world and provides directions, using satellite signals. And your iPhone and iPad have one built-in; it’s called the Maps app.

A Weather Station

Do you need to know what the weather’s going to be like tomorrow? Or what it’s like in the next town? Just use the iPhone’s Weather app or install a third-party app on your iPad.

A Mirror

If you like to carry a mirror around with you, there are plenty of Mirror apps on the iPhone and iPad, which do a very similar job using the front-facing camera.

A Radio

With an iPhone/iPad app like TuneIn Radio or BBC Sounds, you can listen to streaming stations over the Internet. No need for a pocket radio any more.

Russ Ware

Russ has been testing, reviewing and writing guides for tech since the heady days of Windows 95 and the Sega Saturn. A self-confessed (and proud) geek about all things tech, if it has LED's, a screen, beeps or has source code, Russ will want to master it (and very likely take it apart to see how it works...)

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