10 Reasons to Build Your Own PC

There are many reasons to build your own PC, and if you took five different builders, all five might have a completely different reason for wanting you undertake this task. Here are ten of our reasons for choosing and enjoying to build PC after PC, in all shapes and sizes, for gaming, media and work.


1. You Can Pick Exactly The Components You Need

Shop around enough, and throw enough money around, and you will almost certainly be able to find a pre-built PC which matches your desired spec list. But if you have a set budget (and let’s face it, many of us will have), finding an off-the-shelf PC that perfectly matches your needs is much harder. Build your own, and you can pick exactly the parts you want, to best provide you with the capabilities you need.

2. You Get to Take Advantage of Deals

If you are clever and shop around, pick the right time to buy and are prepared to perhaps wait a while for something to be reduced, you can definitely get more bang for your buck by building your own PC. We saved over £50 on our latest CPU purchase simply because one of the component retailers that sends us newsletters had a flash (1 day) sale. We could have just saved the money, but instead added it to our graphics card budget.

3. The Huge Satisfaction Factor

Nowadays, many people never really get the chance to build something for themselves, but there really are few better feelings than those you get from successfully planning and building something with your own hands. And even more so, something as seemingly complicated as a PC. Even if you don’t manage to save a huge amount of money (and massive savings aren’t always possible in today’s world of cheaper and cheaper pre-built systems), the satisfaction you can get certainly makes up for it.

4. You Will Understand Your PC Better

Building your own PC is a great learning process. You will learn skills and techniques which can only help you use your PC more efficiently and confidently throughout it’s usable life. While you won’t suddenly be a expert PC engineer, you will certainly understand how your PC works more clearly, and be in a better position to notice if things go wrong later. It also makes the task of upgrading components in the future less daunting.

5. You Can Spread the Cost

If you are prepared to commit to building your own PC, you can spread the cost without resorting to getting credit. Buy a component each month for six months, and you will have almost everything you need (all the major parts anyway) without having to lay out a lump sum. You can, of course, buy the parts in any order, but we suggest leaving the processor, motherboard and graphics card until last, as these are the ones most likely to see technology updates over that time.

6. Avoid The Dreaded Bloatware

When you buy a pre-made PC, especially from one of the big chain stores, it is likely to have software pre-installed. Some of this might be useful, but often it is not. You will then either have to spend time cleaning this stuff off (if you are even initially aware it is there), or live with it on YOUR PC. When you build your own PC, YOU choose what goes onto it!

7. Style It! Pick Your Perfect Case

You can buy pre-built PC’s in a fairly wide range of styles, from LED-lit gaming towers to tiny media boxes. If, however, you want a case that is more unusual, finding a pre-build computer is much harder. But as long as you plan your build properly, you can use almost any of the thousands of different cases available, from bright orange statement towers, to camouflage painted portable LAN boxes. If you want to build a monster gaming rig, but don’t want the tempered glass windows and LED lights that seem to feature on most pre-built systems, you have the freedom to choose a case that suits your style.

8. Achieve Better Cooling

Even fairly cheap cases now come with cable management options, and with several places to add fans. This means that you can tuck away the PSU cables so that they do not impede airflow, and you can add more fans later for increased cooling. If you buy a mid-tier case, then you typically get 2 or 3 fans, or even more with high-end. Having good airflow, a good heatsink/cooler for the CPU, and a graphics card with a good cooler means that all your components will be cooled well. That means they’ll live longer.

9. Wider OS Options

You aren’t tied down to the latest OS. Something holding a lot of people back from a new computer is the reluctance to adopt Windows 10 (and previously, Windows 8). Today, retailers sell the vast majority of their new hardware with Windows 10 pre-installed, whether you want it or not. Building your own machine offers the ability to load on your preferred OS – Windows 10 if you’re ready to make the jump, or GNU/Linux if you really want something different.

10. Self-building is Fun!

Building your own PC is great fun! The process is full of packages arriving, opening packages, putting things together, and learning what goes where and why and how. Discovering a new trick for routing cables better, or learning about a faster type of transfer cable becomes exciting! You will love your new rig more than you could ever love a store-bought machine, because it takes you beyond mere hardware ownership and bestows hardware familiarity.

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