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The Internet is a vast, weird and wonderful place. A place where extreme views can be found next to pictures of kittens, where the latest movie trailers share the same space as someone’s wedding video, and where triple-A rated games lay alongside a text adventured crafted by a seven-year-old in Python.The Internet is a vast, weird and wonderful place. A place where extreme views can be found next to pictures of kittens, where the latest movie trailers share the same space as someone’s wedding video, and where triple-A rated games lay alongside a text adventured crafted by a seven-year-old in Python.

It’s these contrasts that make it such an interesting and fascinating place to lose yourself in.

Some corners of the Internet house a collection of the oddest and most intriguing websites. They can be funny, useful, clever, or completely bizarre. We’ve managed to track down ten of these unique examples that deserve a little more recognition, for you to explore and waste a few more minutes of your time over.

Geo Guessr

Geo Guessr is a marvellous online game that utilises Google Street View. The game will drop you anywhere in the world on Street View. From there, you need to use the surrounding terrain, spot for signs and guess whereabouts in the world you are. The closer you are to your guess, the more points you earn. Give it a try,

Hacker Typer

The hacker of the 70s and 80s was often portrayed hunched over their keyboard while hooking up their phone receiver to the modem, and typing out lines upon lines of green text on a black background. It’s what a lot of us 40-somethings grew up with, and we loved it. While real-world hacking is a little different, you can still enjoy the classic feel by visiting and tapping away at the keyboard. The screen will fill up with code, green text on a black background, making you feel like a kid watching Wargames again. It’ll keep you entertained for about 30 seconds, though.

Pointer Pointer

Another odd site, this. Open, and place your mouse cursor anywhere inside the displayed box and leave it. After a short pause, the site will load a random image from a collection of thousands displaying people pointing to the location of the mouse pointer. Move the mouse again, and a new image will load. It’s both pointless and utterly fascinating at the same time.

Google Gravity

An old site this, but one that’s still worth mentioning if you’ve missed it. Ever felt the need to watch the Google search page collapse under the influence of gravity? Yes? Well, you’re in for a treat then. Point your browsers to, and within a couple of seconds the page will drop into its component parts to the bottom of the screen. You’re able to click and grab the parts too, and fling them around the screen.


Here’s a fun site that’s designed to help you with your typing and spelling. Z-Type takes the form of a 2D space shooter, with enemies dropping down from the top of the screen to your ship at the bottom. The enemies, however, spell out a selection of increasingly difficult and random words. Type the words in as fast as possible, and your ship will shoot and destroy the enemy. Clear the screen and you’re on to the next round. You can find Z-Type at

Death Star Run

Fans of Star Wars’ Death Star Trench run will undoubtedly enjoy this next example. This Java and WebGL blast from the past has you flying the iconic X-Wing Fighter down the equally iconic trench while avoiding obstacles. It can become a little tedious, but graphically it’s quite an impressive and well put together site. Visit and follow the on-screen instructions.

Digital Human

Digital Human is the world’s first human visualisation platform. Created by BioDigital, Digital Human is an excellent resource for students, or those interested in human anatomy. You can opt for either Male or Female bodies to view, then by selecting the Anatomy menu you can add things like the digestive system, respiratory systems, cardiovascular system and finally skin. The overall effect is quite impressive, and you can rotate the 3D Human, zoom in and out and pinpoint any specific part of the body. The menu bar will allow you to change sex, take a snapshot or enter different views such as X-Ray, normal or selective, whereby you can single out one area of the body for more information. Visit for more info.

Little Alchemy

Little Alchemy is a great time waster website. As its name suggests, the site allows you to mix different elements to create further elements. For example, mixing Fire and Water creates Steam, Mixing Steam and Pressure creates a Geyser, and so on. There are hundreds of elements to create by mixing the various ingredients; what can you cook up? Little Alchemy is available to play at

Point & Click

If you’re into your old school, point and click adventure titles from the DOS days, the likes of Sierra Online’s catalogue brings back fond memories, then this site will certainly fast become on to add to the Favourites. Enter into the address bar and you’ll be presented with over 400 point-and-click indie titles. Find one that appeals to your tastes, click the link, and start playing. It’s a great time waster.

The World’s Longest Website

Online since 2008, The World’s Longest Website is the longest user-generated site on the Internet. While a little pointless, to some degree, it is the kind of site that you should visit at least once in your online life. Each new visitor’s country of origin is added to the top of the list, along with the date and time they visited. This means that over the course of the site’s life, hundreds of thousands of unique visitors have been added; making it an oddly fascinating website. Want to make it even longer? Visit, to add your mark.

Got any unique and fascinating websites? Let us and others know in the comments below (keep them clean, please).

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