10 Brilliant Free Password Generators for Windows 11

We live in an age where you don’t have to sit with a dictionary and cryptic decoder to come up with an excellent password. There are many generators freely available to help you out. Here’s our top ten.

Norton Identity Safe Password Generator

Norton by Symantec, offers a handy free password online generator. You can set the password length, include letters, mixed case, numbers, punctuation and no identical characters. You can find it at: https://identitysafe.norton.com/password-generator/.

Wight Hat Password Generator

This online password generator has been around for quite some time and has proved to be one of the best available for those after a unique and unbreakable password. There are ample options, and none of the passwords generated are stored remotely. Visit: http://strongpasswordgenerator.org/ for more information.

Strong Password Generator

Another great online resource that will create an incredibly strong password based on the options you choose. You can choose the length, punctuation and avoid similar characters but also display phonetic words to make it easier to remember. Try it out at: https://strongpasswordgenerator.com/.


LastPass is a popular password management program, which we’ll look at in the next section; it also offers a free password generator. Found at https://lastpass.com/generatepassword.php, this excellent tool will help you create a strong and virtually unbreakable password in seconds.

MSD Services

An interesting site this, one that will allow you to create multiple unique passwords, based on length, upper and lower case, number and symbols as well as whether the end result will be pronounceable or completely random. It’s at https://msdservices.com/ apg/index.php for those after several passwords.


This site is powered by the XKPasswd.pm Perl module, which offers a range of settings to help create a unique and very strong password. There are plenty of options to choose from and you can save and load your preferred configuration for later. It’s at: https://xkpasswd.net/s/ if you want to check it out.


Another great site to have in your password arsenal. SafePasswd has been around since 2006 and is regarded as one of the best online password generators. The options are many and with them you can create something truly impossible to crack. You can find it at: https://www.safepasswd.com/.

LittleLite Password Generator

Another simple but easy to use and good online password generator. LittleLite offers some options, including password length, number, upper and lower case, symbols and spaces. It’s found at http://www.littlelite.net/pwdgen/ and certainly worth considering bookmarking.


This is a quick and easy online password generator. You won’t get any options or added extras, you simply click a button and ten unique passwords will be displayed for you to choose from. It’s worth looking into for a quick solution to password creation; https://passwds.ninja/.


For kids at school or when online, DinoPass is an excellent resource that will help them come up with a memorable, yet strong password. You can choose between a simple or strong password type, depending on where it’s going to be used and there’s meanings of each to help out, too. You can find it at: http://www.dinopass.com/.

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